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CML home Inspections

CLM home Inspections

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About White Cedar Institute

White Cedar Institute is the home of the life changing, effective, and most transformational Gates of Power® program.

Gates of Power® assists and empowers individuals by providing the best life coaching, counseling for individuals and couples, and workshops for individuals/corporate businesses/organizations.

Gates of Power® Program helps individuals overcome depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, and more. Whether you live in New York City or in any part of America, Canada, or UK, White Cedar Institute can help you achieve the best version of yourself through our Gates of Power Program, conducted either online or in person.

What makes Gate of Power® Program the best available life coaching and counseling for individuals, couples, or business organizations across New York City, America, Canada, and UK, is the effective, spiritual, and practical approach based on expressive and experiential modalities of psychotherapy. Our unique approach ensures that our method and program is the most transformational and effective life coaching and counseling services available online or in person.

Gates of Power® Program helps individuals/couples/corporations reach their potential, leverage their skills, talents, and abilities, and create a life of fulfilling success.


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