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CML home Inspections

CLM home Inspections

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About Klippert Stainless Solutions

With the EASYkleen Electromechanical-Cleaner & Polisher, virtually any Stainless Steel weld or surface can be easily cleaned and polished

The EASYkleen electrochemical Stainless Steel Weld Polishing kit and machines in North Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, Henderson, and Greater Las Vegas areas, have a unique high power direct current and a fluctuating wave. It’s this technology that makes it extremely fast and ensures a more corrosive resistant finish.

​All machines use an electro-polishing process that increases the density of the chromium throughout the weld surface, and therefore the ability to create a much better oxide film and gives the best possible corrosion resistance and passivation, as proven by University of Newcastle XPS surface analysis.

​All machines remove heat tint, weld discoloration, oxide scale and contaminates to ensure a chromium dense weld finish.



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